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in any given set, i will like the most ridiculous or surreal example. i like bright colors and shiny things. i do off-broadway theater, and think about it often. also slightly obsessed with television, music, feminism, knitting, politics. and hello kitty. #alpacaexpert
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Chaos and relief erupted at a county fair in Montana over the weekend after a severe thunderstorm tore down two crowded tents and stopped a Rick Springfield concert from happening. The storm also set free a majestic herd of alpacas, bless its heart.


The owls are not what they seem.

They go on the list. The list of terrifying animals who are going to kill us. 

In which Mat Tan is totally cute done with Brandon’s shit

oh god, he’s on The Fosters? I may die. 

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TCR | 2014.05.19

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Kitty, stop messing with the tension!!!

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hawkeye by Kyohazard

I have waited so long for this.

I see what you did there

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More reports about the White Anarchists

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"From 2006 to 2012, a white police officer killed a black person at least twice a week in this country." - MHP

Melissa Harris-Perry gives a heart-wrenching tribute to the deaths of black men that have occurred at the hands of police in the past decade.

I just want to note that Melissa shows only men in her slide reel, but was accurate in saying a Black person was killed nearly every week. In that same time frame, girls as young as 7 years old, and women as old as 92 years old, have been shot to death by police and vigilantes and received little to no justice.

In 2012, it was estimated that a Black person was extrajudicially murdered by police and vigilantes in the United States every 28 hours, and that these numbers may be under reported. It is rare to see a conviction that sticks, and many of these murderers go free or back to their “jobs” to continue terrorizing innocent citizens.

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Oh, hey, we just saw Jared Padalecki or whatever. I should berate him for being a dick to Rory Gilmore at some point.

I will always hold being a dick to Rory Gilmore against Jared Padalecki.