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in any given set, i will like the most ridiculous or surreal example. i like bright colors and shiny things. i do off-broadway theater, and think about it often. also slightly obsessed with television, music, feminism, knitting, politics. and hello kitty.
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When asked how he felt about the “little bitch” insult, Mr. Brantley was pragmatic. “I like Franco’s work on film a lot, and he didn’t disgrace himself on stage,” the theater critic told the Observer. “I hope he returns to Broadway some day. And of course he’s entitled to say whatever he likes about me, as long as it’s not libelous, and somehow I don’t think ‘little bitch’ qualifies.”

This is not the first time Mr. Brantley—or any critic, for that matter—has come up against a personal attack in response to a negative review. Just last year, for instance, Alec Baldwin—who appeared in the short-lived Orphans, which Mr. Brantley was not kind to—took to his LiveJournal, a k a Huffington Post, firing off an incendiary essay that referred to the Times chief theater critic as an “odd, shriveled, bitter Dickensian clerk.”

Ben Brantley Doesn’t Think ‘Little Bitch’ Counts as Libel | New York Observer

I find James Franco’s temper tantrum over what is (at worst) lukewarm review hilarious.

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Hey guys, hope your skin is clear and you get a text from someone you like real soon.

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i got to this thru another post abt being a feminist housewife, which like, fine, let’s have more articles that make the devaluation of feminised labour visible, but anyway, whatever, like.  boys tights.

While I’m all for bringing back hose for men, it’s a little sad these people think their small child’s masculinity is so fragile they had to create a new company just to make sure his legwear is gender-conforming.

Those really just look like they’re extra well-made tights/leggings for babies with non-princess patterns. Also no ruffles on the butt. (I think the ruffle butt tights are so cute, though.)

I like the mushroom ones.

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Possibly the best GoT cast photo I’ve found yet.

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100 FILMS IN 2013
→ 72/100 Films: Bachelorette (2012)

Regan: Okay, how much money do you guys have?
Katie: I have 5 maxed out credit cards!
Gena: I have a twen… actually I ripped it. I got nothing.
Regan: Well, that sums up your lives.

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Headcanon: Abed only got his job at SHIELD as a spousal benefit when they recruited Troy for their gadgets division

Evidence, incontrovertible: When everything else in Fury’s car was broken, what was still 100% operational? THE AIR CONDITIONING.

Bunny, related: Abed meets Sam while visiting Troy in the hospital and explains to him, scene by scene, why he is definitely the lead in a romcom, not the sidekick in an action movie.

I approve this crossover.

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