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in any given set, i will like the most ridiculous or surreal example. i like bright colors and shiny things. i do off-broadway theater, and think about it often. also slightly obsessed with television, music, feminism, knitting, politics. and hello kitty. #alpacaexpert
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Oh man this is so cool.

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a sucker for things like this.  (That time I bought a Lomo LC-A?  Yeah…)

Yeah, I’m taking two film cameras with me next week (a Nikon N-60 and a Diana Mini) and I went to B&H last weekend to buy film. I understand.

(Also, is it a vintage Lomo? Where do you get the film processed?)

Yeah, it’s an ’80s camera; I haven’t used it in a long time. (In fact, I was thinking just the other day that I should take it out of storage.  Also, I’ve never used a Diana, but want to try one!)  I used to send most of my film off to Vermont Color in Bennington, but I’ve also used local labs and also Dwayne’s in Kansas (through the mail, obviously).  I have a sort of ridiculous collection of vintage cameras, with the oldest of them dating to the 1910s.  I’ve used most of them at one point or another, and I still use my grandmother’s early-1950s Brownie quite a lot.  B&H is my best friend.

My Diana is a contemporary hipster knock-off that uses 35mm, but it’s still fun. I found this place that does mail-order process and scan for pretty cheap, and they did a decent job.  I haven’t ordered prints from them yet, but I probably will after these trips this summer. 

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