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in any given set, i will like the most ridiculous or surreal example. i like bright colors and shiny things. i do off-broadway theater, and think about it often. also slightly obsessed with television, music, feminism, knitting, politics. and hello kitty. #alpacaexpert
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This is because many of the problems that plague women now are not due to either government policy or overt discrimination. They cannot be resolved solely by money and they are not caused only by men. Instead, the problems we face are subtler. They come partly from the media, partly from society, partly from biology, and partly from our own vastly unrealistic expectations. To address them, we must go beyond either policy solutions or anger with the patriarchy. We must instead forge partnerships with those around us, and begin to dismantle the myth of solitary perfection.

Why Women Should Stop Trying to Be Perfect - Newsweek and The Daily Beast

My alma mater’s president can beat up your alma mater’s president. 

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