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in any given set, i will like the most ridiculous or surreal example. i like bright colors and shiny things. i do off-broadway theater, and think about it often. also slightly obsessed with television, music, feminism, knitting, politics. and hello kitty. #alpacaexpert
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In salary alone, Pacino earns about 71 times the minimum pay negotiated by Actors’ Equity for its members for commercial Broadway productions. He gets about 100 times the minimum for those performing on Broadway for nonprofits, such as the Roundabout Theatre Co. and Manhattan Theatre Club.

Interesting summary of some of the economics of Glengarry. Obviously, these kind of salaries are astronomical.

Please never wear that again, Al Pacino.

As much as I enjoy this play, I’m kind of “eh” on this. Mostly because I think Pacino will overact Shelly.  I think Alan Alda is the best I’ve ever seen in that part.